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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is an important task that shouldn’t be skipped, yet most people neglect this task every single year. As a result, they put their homes and families at risk for fire. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported every year and lead to five deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property damage. The leading cause of those fires? Failure to clean the dryer vents.

Many of us assume cleaning the lint from the lint trap on our dryers is enough to prevent a fire. Not so. The dryer vent that leads from the appliance to the outdoors can get just as clogged and create a fire hazard you may not even be aware of. If air can’t move freely due to lint and other debris clogging the sides, your dryer won’t operate properly. Having slightly damp clothing at the end of a cycle is the least of your worries, though. A spark caused by increased temperatures could ignite the lint (which is highly combustible) and start a dryer vent fire. On top of that risk, clogged vents can keep poisonous carbon monoxide from exiting your home, keeping those fumes indoors and posing a risk of sickness or death to occupants.

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Protecting Your Home in Trenton, GA

There are a few steps you can take to ensure safe dryer operation. Here are a few tips:

  • Hire a professional once a year to clean your dryer vent.
  • Make sure any new dryer you get is installed by a pro.
  • Clean the lint filter after every load of laundry.
  • Make sure the outdoor vent flap is open when dryer is in operation.
  • Throughout the year, have your dryer inspected if you notice your clothes take too long to dry.
  • Have your gas dryer lines and connections inspected by a professional to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Make sure your dyer is plugged in and connected properly.
  • Don’t overload the dryer.
  • Do not leave the dryer running when you go to bed or leave the house.

The risk of fire is not the only reason you should keep your dryer vent clean. The material stuck in the dryer vent can breed mold that can make your entire family sick. And if you have a gas operated dryer, there is a risk of a carbon monoxide leak. At the very least, you will spend a lot more money on energy costs caused by the need to run the dryer more.

Why You Need a Pro

Who cleans dryer vents in Trenton, GA? Chimney Pro does! We know what you’re thinking: but they do chimneys! Well, chimneys and dryer vents work in much the same way. Each contain high levels of heat and must vent toxic gases and other combustion by-products out of your home. If not properly maintained, chimneys and dryer vents alike can lead to fire. Handling the cleaning of either one on your own is not a good idea. It’s best to hire a professional who can provide a full inspection and bring the proper equipment. A CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (C-DET) can examine and clean your unit, as well as ensure that your venting system is the proper size and has been installed properly. A professional is the only one who should be cleaning a dryer vent.

Regular inspections can also boost the efficiency of your dryer so you can reduce wear and tear of the unit, save on energy bills, and enjoy fully dried clothes. Look for a technician who holds CSIA C-DET Certification, which you can research at www.csia.org. This means they have backing by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

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If you’re wondering “where can I find dryer vent cleaning in Trenton?”, you’re in luck. Chimney Pro, your CSIA certified chimney cleaning professional, is based in Fort Payne, AL. We would be happy to further discuss the importance of dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning when you contact us at 256-845-9814 or fill out our convenient online form.