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What to Do About Stuck Birds in Your Chimney

Having a songbird stuck in your chimney can present more than a few challenges. While you might be more than happy to allow the animal to stay and nest, leaving it in place could create hazards for both the bird and your family members. The professionals at Chimney Pro in Fort Payne, AL, and Chattanooga, TN, are familiar with this type of issue. Below, we will share a few tips to safely and effectively rectify the situation.

Removing the Bird

Chimney cleaning experts recommend you start by shining a flashlight up the flue to see if the animal is visible. Since many fireplace flues are designed with ledges, birds like to perch in those areas. If you can safely reach the animal, protect your hand and arm with a rubber kitchen glove, and try to grasp the bird. After removing the bird, release it outdoors, and consider having a chimney cap placed on the flue to prevent future problems.

You can also try to coax the animal out by leaving food near the entrance of the chimney or the fireplace itself. However, don’t leave dishes of bird food outdoors near the chimney, as this may only attract additional wildlife.

The Dangers of Leaving Birds in Place

If you don’t use the fireplace, you might be thinking about letting the animal nest there permanently. However, doing so is dangerous for your family members, as birds can spread diseases like histoplasmosis, which can cause blindness. Additionally, if anyone ever decides to light a fire in your fireplace when you aren’t home, it could harm the animal.

Whether your home is simply due for a chimney cleaning or you are nervous a critter is caught in the flue, the team at Chimney Pro is here to assist. Serving Fort Payne, AL, Chattanooga, TN, and Rome and Dalton, GA, we will handle everything from chimney inspections and routine cleanings to repairs. To learn more about our services call (256) 845-9814 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment today.

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