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Three Reasons to Avoid Your Fireplace Before Cleaning

For many people, approaching cooler months conjures up images of cozy gatherings around a warm fireplace. However, if you haven’t done any chimney cleaning since last year, or you’re trying your fireplace out for the first time, it may not be safe to use.

The experts at Chimney Pro understand the dangers of operating a dirty chimney. Below, we will highlight the potential hazards that can cause damage to your home and explain why it’s important to have your chimney cleaned by a professional:

  • Debris & Fallen Items: Over the course of a year, debris, fallen leaves or branches, and even small animals may have gotten stuck in your chimney. If you try and turn gas fireplaces on without cleaning out the chimney first, it can cause an awful burning smell or even fire damage to your home. A professional chimney sweep has the proper tools to remove any hazardous materials, so it can be operated smoothly throughout the colder months.
  • Built Up Soot & Dirt: Chimney caps can help with external debris and potential weather hazards. However, they won’t prevent fire damage if your chimney is turned on without a thorough cleaning or inspection. Built up soot is extremely flammable and gets caked on the sides of your chimney. That’s why sweeping is so important—it removes the disintegrated ash that could be a potential fire hazard to your home.
  • Inspection Levels: Many people are unable to detect any issues they may have with their chimney simply by looking at the exterior. That’s why inspections are separated into 3 levels. Level 1 covers your most basic needs, while levels 2 and 3 provide more in-depth analyses and involve replacing or removing parts. Foregoing this important maintenance step could leave you vulnerable to undetected issues, which may pose a risk to your family’s safety. A chimney cleaning professional will determine the level of inspection you need depending on your current or previous experience using your fireplace.

If you need a chimney cleaning in Fort Payne AL, Rome GA, Dalton GA, or Chattanooga TN, turn to the team at Chimney Pro. These licensed and insured professionals will ensure you and your family remain safe in the coming season. Give us a call today at (256) 845-9814, or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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