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The 3 Dangers of Skipping Chimney Cleaning

A crackling fire is a wonderful way to keep your home warm and cozy when it’s chilly outside — but only as long as the chimney and fireplace are clean and well-maintained. While a chimney may not seem like it needs much maintenance, dirt and particulate buildup can present some serious problems. Below are just a few of the dangers of skipping annual chimney cleanings.

3 Dangers of a Dirty Chimney

  • Chimney Fires: As ash, vapor, unburned wood particles, and other by-products of the fire go up the chimney, they rapidly cool and stick to the sides of the chimney. When the resulting residue hardens, creosote is formed, which is a dangerous substance that can be highly flammable. If the deposits are thick enough, they can combust if the chimney temperatures climb, causing catastrophic fires that essentially burn your home from the inside out.
  • Carbon Monoxide: If the chimney is dirty enough, gas and debris may not be able to escape, causing carbon monoxide to seep into the home. This tasteless, odorless gas is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal. Those exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning may suffer from confusion, dizziness, nausea, and, eventually, loss of consciousness.
  • Toxic Material Exposure: Creosote and soot can come back down the chimney in small particles, causing serious health problems for those who come into contact with it. Some common symptoms include respiratory problems, rashes, and eye irritation, but it can also cause seizures and even cancer in some individuals.

The chimney cleaning professionals at Chimney Pro have the training and expertise needed to keep you and your family safe throughout the winter. With locations in Chattanooga, TN, Fort Payne, AL, and Rome and Dalton, GA, they provide high-quality services to homeowners throughout the region. To schedule your chimney cleaning, use our contact form or call us at (256) 845-9814 today.

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