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It’s that time of year again

An average of 22,000 chimney fires occur each year, says the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Truth is, many of those could be prevented. Preventing property damage and keeping potential safety dangers to occupants at bay can be as simple as getting a regular chimney cleaning by a professional. The busy season for chimney sweeps is coming up, so be sure to schedule your appointment soon to get a time slot that fits with your busy lifestyle.

Why You Need Chimney Cleaning in Fall

With the cold weather right around the corner, more and more homeowners will turn to their fireplaces for coziness, warmth and ambience. However, without the proper cleaning before the season starts, you could unwittingly be welcoming a fire hazard into your home. Before starting that first fire of the fall, you want to make sure your chimney is clean and there is no debris that could pose a fire hazard. Such fire hazards can include leaves, rotting animals, droppings, birds’ nests, and a buildup of dangerous levels of soot and creosote, a thick tar-like, highly flammable substance that coats the lining of your chimney.

Inspection and sweeping should be conducted by a professional on an annual basis, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency. Even an 1/8 of an inch of soot or creosote buildup can spark a chimney fire that could potentially spread throughout the whole home. Due to claims now insurance companies are recommending, and at times requiring an annual service.

Another reason to remove all that creosote regularly is because the substance is very acidic and can actually eat away at the walls of your chimney over time. In order to increase the life span of your chimney and fireplace, regular chimney cleaning is a wise idea. Even if you don’t use your chimney all that much, you still want to remove any debris that may have fallen in and could cause a safety hazard when you do fire it up. Give us a call now at (256) 845-9814 or fill out our quick online form for more information.

Early fall is the perfect time to get your Pisgah, AL chimney cleaned because if your professional finds anything that needs repairing, either on the interior or exterior, it can be done while the weather is still nice. Wait until winter, and the cold weather may prevent any repairs from being feasible — particularly when it involves masonry work. The buildup of creosote can also cause unpleasant odors to permeate your home, so a good cleaning will ensure no smells infiltrate the rest of the residence.

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