Have a leaky Chimney in Hokes Bluff?

Here’s what you can do about it

Why is Your Hokes Bluff, AL Chimney Leaking and What Can You Do About It?

You’re trying to enjoy an end-of-season fire in your fireplace but to no avail. After a quick investigation, you realize the culprit is…water! You have a chimney leak. Now what? You may decide to call a roofer, as you assume the leak is coming from up top near the flashing. However, it’s wise to call in a chimney repair and cleaning service. Here at Chimney Pro, we have the expertise, tools and equipment to determine the source of the leak and fix it once and for all. Our team knows exactly what to look for, while a roofer will likely just inspect the flashing.

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Cause of Leaks

So why is your chimney leaking in your Hokes Bluff home? Because chimneys feature the most exposed brick or rock on your home, the severe weather can really take its toll, especially when you consider those freeze/thaw cycles that wreak havoc on your fireplace system. Brick and mortar joints are extremely porous. This is a good thing, as it’s what keeps them bonded together during the brick-laying process. However, when it rains, the water is absorbed by the brick, which acts as a big sponge on the exterior of your home or above your roof line. We recommend you not try to attempt locating the source of the leak. Many people each year get injured or die trying to fix chimneys and roofs on their own. The source of the problem is likely a leak on the flashing at the base of the chimney or down the flue, but in most cases it is caused by years of exposure to the elements.

What to Look For

Once you determine you have fireplace leaks in Hokes Bluff, AL, you can troubleshoot a few things on your own first. If you notice any of these indicators, it’s necessary to take action right away in order to preserve the integrity and efficiency of your chimney. When it comes to active leaks, be on the lookout for:

  • Wet brick on your chimney exterior after a rain
  • Dark mortar joints or moss near the top half of your chimney
  • Spalling (this is basically when the face of your brick facade has popped off)

DIY Approach

If you consider yourself handy around the home and you have the proper safety equipment, you can attempt a DIY project of sorts to help combat these chimney problems. It is always a good idea to have a buddy help you. Follow these steps to apply water repellent. This won’t solve your existing problem, but it will help you seal off water from penetrating the next time.

  • Gather all necessary equipment for job safety such as rope and harness.
  • Purchase water repellent at the home improvement store or big box store (most have a one-year guarantee but they usually only last about six months before you must reapply).
  • Do not use sealants because when your chimney heats up then cools down, it creates moisture that cannot escape through the sealant, leading to more damage and leaving you with a lingering mildew odor inside the home.
  • Pressure wash the chimney to ensure proper application of the water repellent (remember, water repellent is very slippery when the overspray gets on the bottom of your shoes, so use extreme caution).
  • Apply water repellent to the chimney (this will allow moisture to escape but will prevent water from entering).
  • Gain access to the roof to assess how much material you will need to apply.

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